23 November, Space,


Dear friends! Monday, November 23, 18-30 at Space we are going to celebrate the anniversary of our community by scheduling a mini-conference! We are only one year old, but we've achieved a lot. 3 conferences held by our name, participating in dozens of events even as invited lectors. A lot of educational projects, not only requalification ones, but teaching students and schoolers and making them more professional-oriented. And it's only the beginning. It's even a bit difficult to imagine - what are we going to achieve next year!


Let's celebrate our Community Birthday, it's our common achievement, it's our common holiday!


Stream А (Automation)

Stream B (Questions, belongs to automation)

18:30 - 18:40


18:40 - 19:20

 "Winium VS Robot Framework”, Alexander Savenok, Vitaly Zinevich, COMAQA.BY

“When it’s time to say “No” to Allure”, Emelyanov Anton, COMAQA.BY

19:20 - 19:30

Coffee break

19:30 - 20:10

 "Development of own integral tool for automation of Web Applications: Record and Play and DSL based approach", Eugen Borisik, COMAQA.BY

 “Visual Regression Test Automation on the example of Galen Framework and Applitools Eyes”, Daria Kisel, COMAQA.BY

Coffee break

20:20 - 21:00

“Desktop automation testing tools. Comparison Analysis. Extended version", Vadim Zubovich, COMAQA.BY

 “UAT - organization and execution”,

 Natallia Kapatsevich, QA Automation,

EPAM Systems

21:00 - 21:10

"So, What’s Next?", COMAQA.BY

20:10 - 20:20


  • Alexander Savenok, Vitaly Zinevich, COMAQA.BY, "Winium VS Robot Framework"

    I’m a QA Automation engineer at ISsoft, COMAQA.BY activist, studying at Master’s Degree. Took part in 5 projects, the most interesting is the last one – 50 person team, very flexible and volatile domain – medical insurance in USA; long-term completion project.





    QA Automation Engineer at ISsoft company, COMAQA.BY activist, lecturer. Graduated from MSHRTC, studying at Master’s Degree at BSUIR. Working in automation about two yearsm developing tests on C# and Java, Selenium WebDriver and company. Also took part in testing desktop-applications using Robot Framework. Completed 6 automated testing projects, have experience in support of old browser’s version and flexible configuration of them.


    Winium VS Robot Framework


    Automation of Desktop applications using Winium and\or Robot framework. “Truth borns in arguments” - we’ll try if not to confirm than not to refute that statement. Report is going to look like a dialogue between two specialists with rich practical partially overlapping experience. We’ll see whether not truth but at least comparison analysis of Winium and Robot Framework is going to born. In addition we’re going to formulate borders of use and not-use of tools, selection criteria, tips & tricks.

  • Daria Kisel, COMAQA.BY, "Visual Regression Test Automation on the example of Galen Framework and Applitools Eyes"

    QA Automation Engineer at ISsoft company, COMAQA.BY activist, lecturer. Fight on the light side of the Force of Test Automation.


    Visual Regression Test Automation on the example of Galen Framework and Applitools Eyes


    I’m going to compare two tools for visual automated testing which have adaptive design in the report. i’m going to tell you how we can implant those tools into existing test environment and will show examples of test architecture and organizing working process with application design in common in details.


    Main point of the report:

    • Why, how and what for is to use automation is visual testing
    • Applitools Eyes SDK. Object Eyes in Java tests.
    • How to avoid false image nonconformities
    • What to do with application if it have responsive design.
    • Galen Framework. Developing specification for design.
    • Integrating framework with Java tests.
    • Summary and conclusions
  • Natallia Kapatsevich, EPAM SYSTEMS, "UAT - organization and execution"

    Natallia Kapatsevich, QA specialist from E-Commerce Solution Practise, Epam Systems


    UAT - organization and execution


    UAT is one of the final and critical software project procedures that must occur before newly developed software is rolled out to the market. What is required to pass through the cycle successfully from QA team lead prospective? During 45 minutes it will be described how UAT is usually organized and planned on e-commerce related projects, plus tips and tricks.

  • Eugen Borisik, COMAQA.BY, “Development of own integral tool for automation of Web Applications: Record and Play and DSL based approach”

    I work at ISsoft Solutions from the beginning of 2014. Graduated from Faculty Of Information Technologies at BSUIR in 2015. Have two years of experience of automation, using Java and C# on Selenium family base technologies. Have experience in testing web-services and databases. Took part in 8 projects, have quiet enough experience in supporting old versions of browsers and their flexible configuration. I actively took part in developing test documentation.


    Development of own integral tool for automation of Web Applications: Record and Play and DSL based approach


    Report is build on the experience from developing the tool for automated testing of web applications:

    • Short review: what is DSL and which are the pros of using it while developing own tool.
    • External and Internal DSL
    • What do our test scenarios look like
    • What are the functional abilities of the developed tool
    • What are the planned functional abilities.

    The tool is developed using Java + Selenium WebDriver + Selenide. The report is first of all describing the tool but not the technical nuances, and that’s why it’s going to be interesting to listeners with various level of technical skills.



  • Vadim Zubovich, COMAQA.BY, "Desktop automation testing tools. Comparison Analysis. Extended version"

    QA Automation Tech Lead, COMAQA.BY activist, lector in IT Academy, IBA Institute, BSU, ASP.NET Developer. Main speciality in automation are functional testing of Web Applications, performance testing of Web applications and functional testing of desktop applications.


    Desktop automation testing tools. Comparison Analysis. Extended version.


    Testing automation of web-applications got it’s undisputed leader – Selenium WebDriver. But when it comes to desktop automation things get rough: huge selection of tools, most of which are too complicated and expensive, provide different support of desktop application technologies in all their diversity. You can’t go without thorough investigation and analysis. Let’s have a look at some of the most promising tools.

  • Emelyanov Anton, COMAQA.BY, “When it’s time to say “No” to Allure."

    I’m a QA Automation Engineer at ISsoft, COMAQA.BY activist. In 2015 graduated from the BSUIR with distinction. About 2 years of experience in automation, took part at 7 projects. From my point of view the most interesting one was: creating complex integration tests using database and developing and supporting tests for old versions of Internet Explorer. Took part in training of manual test engineers.


    When it’s time to say “No” to Allure.


    When it’s time to say “No” to Allure.

    • Brief overview of Allure, pros, customization opportunities.
    • Why Allure may not be OK for some tasks.
    • What can we use instead of Allure.
    • How have we built our reporting system.

    In the report we’re going to talk about Allure, it’s pros and cons. I will tell you why and because of what we wanted to change reporting system, how do we implemented it and which problems were met.



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